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A generous dammuso in an enchanting position, the terraces dominate the sea and the sunset among the very old black walls of Ziton di Nikà valley


Refined elegance in a unique location


A perfect luxury dammuso


A true jewel tastefully conceived and furnished, a magnificent, very welcoming and spacious dammuso with a super sight on the sunset....the pool is a masterpiece.


A truly magnificent retreat imbued with the untamed spirit of Pantelleria


An amazing dammuso...with an incomparable view and position!


A true enchantment with direct access to the sea...position and sea view that will take your breath away. An exclusive jewel on the island, in one of the most suggestive locations of Mediterranean


A wonderful ancient dammuso with swimming pool, gracefully finished and furnished. Welcoming, very cool and in a extraordinary natural contest


Fashion is a limit to the personal taste, this exciting old dammuso is the real demonstration, among the most extraordinary properties that this island could offer for taste and atmosphere.



An enchanting oasis of Art that embraces the fired sunsets and the African sea; perfect for who is searching for top comfort and for the highest care for details.


A little jewel with a breathtaking sunset view


Elegant antique dammuso surrounded by in an amazing Mediterranean park suspended over the sea ... the huge pool is really extraordinary.


In one of the most spectacular and scenic, meditative, this romantic dammuso is a perfect refuge for the soul


Swimming pool, sunset and an amazing view on sea and Africa.....another dammuso to not to let.



Exclusive dammuso, very elegant in unique position


Breathtaking view and an absolute privacy.... before you only sea, sunsets and Africa. A magnificent property completely surrounded by a natural frame in a surreal setting


Art in open spaces, top comfort, sea and sunset view. Africa call us from the terraces of this flawless dammuso....another bijou!


Extra landscape on sea and sunset with large and varied outdoor spaces, a very big property to taste in total freedom the African flavour of the island. Not to be missed


Amazing estate with swimming pool and total privacy....the sunset as you'd never seen


two hearts, a dammuso and the sea... incomparable charming nest, at 20 meters from the water,



Relax and silence in the charm of simplicity


Incomparable for its position and panoramic view over sea, sunset and Africa....a dammuso with swimming pool not to be missed in a dream location.


Living in a postcard...



Astonishing '700 antique estate soaked in the most fancy and unspoiled ancestral dammuso morphology treaty


Near to the sea and with spectacular view on the sunset


In un luogo unico e straordinario, un grande ed autentico dammuso antico con discesa a mare privata...


Big and antique dammuso soaked in a fairy Mediterranean garden. Awesome and coloured spaces for the highest comfort and relax.


An ancient dammuso overlooking the sea, near to the thermal waters of Gadir....a gem for privileged experts


Antique and romantic little jewel that dominates countryside, sea and sunset....the maximum privacy and breathtaking panorama!


Beautiful and unique dammuso in a secluded Pantelleria paradise corner, with a panorama truly breathtaking.



Elegance and comfort in the most unspoiled countryside


Una straordinaria terrazza sospesa sull’infinito. Antico dammuso unico nel suo genere...romantico, puro ed etereo; una perla imperdibile per veri intenditori


Dammuso Sweet Dammuso!



The awesome frame of Cala Gadir and the most intense blue from the terraces of this panoramic dammuso with very generous outdoor spaces.


A generously proportioned old dammuso with a breathtaking view of the sea


All the most researched requirements by the island's connoisseurs in a great personality dammuso...also suitable for winter stays.


Before the sunset a delicious romantic and spacious couple dammuso with swimming pool



A place of other you want to immerse in the heart of Pantelleria ?


Me, you ... and the sea!


Maximum privacy with a view of the most spectacular that the island can give us ... a place for the soul.


Un accogliente dammuso antico che conserva inalterato il sapore rurale dell’isola



Just at a stone's throw from the sea....overlooking the spectacular Martingana bay, a perfect solution for a sea holiday


A cosy panoramic dammuso to enjoy unforgettable sunsets on Africa soaked in the sweet quite of Pantelleria countryside


A charming little dammuso for two


A true, elegant and sober jewel, that has inside the full spirit of Pantelleria



An incomparable charming nest, at 5 meters from the sea


Panoramic romantic dammuso in front of sea and sunset


Small dammuso with a beautiful view on sea and sunset


A very beautiful and comfortable dammuso in a privileged strategic position


A small gem of a house, maximum privacy and comfort, dazzling view of the sea


Very comfortable dammuso from the wide and very equipped outdoor spaces



A beautiful old dammuso furnished with impeccable taste, with a breathtaking view on the sea

partial solutions Air conditioning Satellite TV Mobile reception Vista mare Vista tramonto

 What mostly strikes us of this dammuso is the extraordinary position and the landscape that offers, we are in a splendid and intimate rural small valley that dominates the south west coasts of the island




This dammuso is particularly suitable for those who are looking for a contemplative holiday, dedicated to the maximum relax and privacy.

To reach the dammuso it is necessary to drive in a dirt road that crosses a suggestive small rural valley where the time seems to be stopped a lot of centuries ago....among sumptuous very old black stone brighting walls, olive grove and vineyards we finally reach the dammuso.

The house is as a falcon nest above a small hill that dominates the sea and the hot waters zone of Nikà, and spreads over three panoramic terraces and two main bodies.

From the private parking we reach the first shaded terrace with comfortable deckchairs, carpets, rattan chairs and tables; from here the access to the dammuso.

At the entry we find a big living room with dining table illuminated from clerestory sea view windows and connected to a comfortable and functional kitchen super equipped with oven 90 cm, you will for this reason understand that the owner loves cooking.

The living area is connected through a passage with comfortable wardrobes to the sleeping area where we find the big bedroom with sea view and a pretty bathroom with shower in smoothed concrete.

The second panoramic terrace connected to the living room leads to the guest house where we find another double bedroom and a bathroom with a masonry tube.

the house is provided with every needs to live in the maximum comfort:

Air Conditioning, colour flat screen TV, BBQ.

It is possible to have on request a cooking service at home for Pantelleria traditional meals dinners prepared with rural products and rigorously local fish.

A perfect place for relax and sense delight.




To the indicated tariffs must be added Euro 80,00/ week for generic consumptions weekly tidying and final cleanings.



  • accessori
  • arredamento
  • esterni
  • panorama
  • contesto
  • Distance from the village 3 km
  • Distance from the sea 1 km
  • Beds 4 (4 Beds)
  • Bedrooms 2
  • baths 2
  • Air conditioning
  • Barbecue
  • Hairdryer
  • Satellite TV
  • Mobile reception
  • Gas stove 4 fires
  • Maxi oven
  • Heat pump
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Fireplace
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Car and scooter rental

The island of Pantelleria with 55 km in circumference, a hinterland formed by dozens of hills, a mountain of 840 meters, a few hundred kilometers of paved roads and an infinity of dirt roads is not really very small island and a means of transport is essential.

In collaboration with our discounted car hire you can be booked with us, together with your dammuso, a scooter or a car that we will be ready when you arrive at the airport, thus saving you long waits and no extra charge.

To book you must make a request related to the rental car / scooter that you find in the form of dammuso reservation.
We publish below the rates of our partner rent a car

Rental rates


Gruppo A - Fiat Panda Vintage 1993
(Minimum Age: 21 years old and driving licence from 1 year)

From to  Weekly Daily
01 January 29 May € 160,00 € 25,00
30 May 03 July € 180,00 € 35,00
04 July 24 July € 190,00 € 35,00
25 July 07 August € 210,00 € 35,00
08 August 21 August € 270,00 € 50,00
22 August 04 September € 210,00 € 35,00
05 Septmber 31 December € 160,00 € 30,00

Gruppo B - Fiat Panda 5 porte AIR 2008 - Suzuki Santana - Suzuki Jimny
(età minima: 21 anni e patente rilasciata da un anno)

From to  Weekly Daily
01 January 29 May € 220,00 € 35,00
30 May 03 July € 250,00 € 40,00
04 July 24 July € 260,00 € 45,00
25 July 07 August € 280,00 € 45,00
08 August 21 August € 420,00 € 70,00
22 August 04 September € 280,00 € 45,00
05 Septmber 31 December € 220,00 € 40,00


Gruppo C - Fiat Seicento 3 porte AC
(Minimum Age: 21 years old and driving licence from 1 year)

From to  Weekly Daily
01 January 29 May € 170,00 € 30,00
30 May 03 July € 190,00 € 35,00
04 July 24 July € 210,00 € 40,00
25 July 07 August € 230,00 € 40,00
08 August 21 August € 350,00 € 60,00
22 August 04 September € 230,00 € 40,00
05 Septmber 31 December € 170,00 € 35,00


Gruppo D - NEW - Fiat Panda o Grande Punto 5 porte AC anno 2015/17 o similare
(età minima: 21 anni e patente rilasciata da un anno)

From to  Weekly Daily
01 January 29 May € 260,00 € 40,00
30 May 03 July € 280,00 € 45,00
04 July 24 July € 300,00 € 50,00
25 July 07 August € 320,00 € 50,00
08 August 21 August € 450,00 € 80,00
22 August 04 September € 320,00 € 50,00
05 Septmber 31 December € 260,00 € 45,00


Gruppo E – Scooter 125 cc. o 200 cc. (modelli 2012/2017)
(età minima: 21 anni e patente rilasciata da un anno)

From to  Weekly Daily
01 January 29 May € 100,00 € 20,00
30 May 03 July € 110,00 € 20,00
04 July 24 July € 120,00 € 25,00
25 July 07 August € 120,00 € 25,00
08 August 21 August € 250,00 € 50,00
22 August 04 September € 220,00 € 35,00
05 Septmber 31 December € 100,00 € 25,00


Gruppo 7 posti - Fiat Ulysse o similari
(età minima: 21 anni e patente rilasciata da un anno)

From to  Weekly Daily
01 January 29 May € 100,00 € 20,00
30 May 03 July € 350,00 € 55,00
04 July 24 July € 370,00 € 60,00
25 July 07 August € 390,00 € 70,00
08 August 21 August € 500,00 € 90,00
22 August 04 September € 370,00 € 60,00
05 Septmber 31 December € 350,00 € 55,00


Gruppo F - Fiat 500, 3 porte, full optional, cabrio o cambio automatico
(età minima: 21 anni e patente rilasciata da un anno)

From to  Weekly Daily
01 January 29 May € 280,00 € 40,00
30 May 03 July € 290,00 € 45,00
04 July 07 August € 320,00 € 55,00
08 August 21 August € 500,00 € 90,00
22 August 04 September € 340,00 € 55,00
05 Septmber 31 December € 290,00 € 45,00


Le tariffe comprendono: IVA 22%, chilometraggio illimitato, assicurazione RCA, consegna in aeroporto oppure negli uffici in via Messina.
Le tariffe non comprendono: il carburante. EXTRA:

La tolleranza prevista tra l'orario di inizio e fine locazione è di un'ora.
Superato tale limite verrà addebitato un giorno aggiuntivo di noleggio.

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