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Covid-19 cancellation

How our business is dealing with the current COVID-19 situation

Our effort is to try and mitigate the effects of total uncertainty characterising current events, and we are adopting solutions that aim at protecting all parties involved: first and foremost our guests and the home-owners, our staff and lastly ourselves.

Each guest that has booked and payed for an upcoming holiday might be worried it will not happen, and at the same time home-owners feel the need for a clear cancellation policy and to know whether their fees will come through.

Here at Solopantelleria we have decided that the guests/tourists will not lose their deposit, should there arise extenuating circumstances for cancellation related to the Covid-19 epidemics. Guests will be offered either of the following options:
- a voucher to be used for a future booking on the same property, to be redeemed for bookings up to October 15, 2022
- 100% refund of the deposit 

Extenuating circumstances eligible for full cancellation: lockdown policies being implemented on the Italian territory, inability to travel due to the Italian government issuing a nation-wide travel ban, documented travel restriction in the customer’s country of origin, limitation to personal travel issued by the Sicily region. 
All of the aforementioned circumstances must be in place during the dates of the reservation.

A voucher will be issued in the following circumstances: the guest has fallen ill with Covid-19, an interruption and/or cancellation of flights, health advisories or quarantine. The guest will receive a voucher for the full deposit payed, which can then be used for a future booking on the same dammuso (to be redeemed for bookings up to October 15, 2021). It will also be possible to change the name of the beneficiary of the voucher, free of charge.

The following are not valid circumstances for cancellation: fear of travel, personal travel restrictions not related  to the current health emergency, change in leave dates at work, loss of employment, cancellation of a subjectively relevant event. In these circumstances, the standard cancellation policy is in place.

Considering the current COVID-19 situation, a booking may be cancelled by the home-owners, and the guests will be entitled to a full refund without further compensation.

Solopantelleria does not issue holiday packages under any circumstances, but is merely acting as a holiday rental agent, under the current legislation for short-lets.