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Pantellleria...another planet

Pantellleria...another planet

Life on the island of Pantellleria

"A bright world real and archaic, where the sweetness and impetus of natural elements manage to prevail over man and modern lifestyles".

A slow and patient world, made of silence and far from stress; a place where the value of the essential, wins on appearance and futility. Each district on this small and distant island preserves traditional planting seasons and methods in harmony with the rhythms of the day.

For those visiting, Pantelleria reaches into the soul; it provides a way of life that is capable of stripping down and uncovering instincts, emotions and hidden feelings lost in todays busy world.

Among the steep terraces, stone gardens and sumptuous stretches of ancient dry-stone walls, the majority of Islanders devote themselves to the cultivation of grapes, capers, rich olive groves, gardens, orchards, zibbibo and passito products; which are appreciated throughout the world for their unique and distinctive texture and flavor.

A land of fertile lava and generous nature, fair and indomitable which in appearance evokes ancient stories of ancient people, of agriculture, of heroic men who knew how to adjust and adapt to a harsh territory but a unique opulence.

The meticulous daily work, coupled with the almost total isolation of past centuries has allowed the island to not be reduced to a simple and melancholic Museum, this is an invigorating and thriving land which provides a connection with the soul while embracing the past. Thanks to this legacy it is possible to dive in and enjoy the authenticity of one of the last western rural communities … a rare and fragile heritage to be cherished and protected.

Today Pantelleria is no longer isolated as it once was, the world is also a stone's throw away thanks to the frequent air connections. More and more people from all over the world are embracing this slow, creative and relaxing lifestyle; thanks to the ability to work online, this has become a growing refuge for businessmen and artists to live year-round, and increasingly the Islanders venture out to seek new opportunities and stimuli.

The old people on the island who possess precious knowledge for this Island life are moving on with aspirations of passing on its secrets to new generations in order to preserve this beautiful way of life.