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The island of Pantelleria

The island of Pantelleria

The large nature reserve stretches up to 830 meters of the Great Mountain with lovely walks through woods, green volcanic craters and canyons, ideally suited places for trekking, mountain biking and nature walks.

In autumn (October-December) of the mountain undergrowth and Kuddie are particularly appreciated by mushroom pickers; among the varieties are tasty porcini, chanterelles and lactarios deliciosus.

Spring is a riot of flowers and perfumes among green lawns and lavender fields.

The island's thermal vocation allows you to enjoy a natural spa in the open air for 365 days a year, between the warm thermal waters of Gadir, Sataria, Scauri and Nikà, the natural sauna of dry bath, mud and hot springs lake of Venus ... to regenerate not'll be spoiled for choice.

The territory offers wine tasting tours and tasting in the cellars of the most respected manufacturers in the world Passito, Moscato and excellent wines.

The island also offers the opportunity to visit many archaeological sites: the strategic position at the center of the Mediterranean is in fact because of the numerous archaeological finds both terrestrial and underwater.

They are of great historical significance: the first insediamentali artifacts dating all 'Bronze Age: the fortified village of Murcia and the adjacent necropolis consists of the Sesi, mysterious and unique funerary monuments as well as ancient places of worship.

They are from the Byzantine era tombs of Gibbiuna while the Roman period are the sites of the acropolis of San Marco, the Temple of fertility near the Lake of Venus and the settlement of the village of Scauri. In Cala Gadir, place of ancient wrecks of ships, you can make archaeological diving among ancient amphorae dating from the third century BC and the second century A.D.

Pantelleria is one of the most popular destinations for divers. The marine habitat is in fact among the most intact of the Mediterranean, the coasts offer a show of rare beauty by impressive rock formations that vary in color depending on the parts of the coast and the mining settlement. The circumnavigation of the coast is full of coves, caves, lakes and rocks of the sea that create apocalyptic black figures including sumptuous sections of lava flows.

Its deep waters are rich in life: One of Posidonia reefs, sea fans and coral you can observe groupers, ducts, amberjacks and lobsters.

Despite all of the rocky coast and the island it offers comfortable descents to the sea suitable for the less experienced.

A tour of the island by boat or raft during the stay experience is inevitable and it is also the only way to be able to observe the most spectacular parts of the south side coast, inaccessible except by sea. It is not rare in the navigational fortunate to meetings with whales and dolphins.

Live this earth is a unique and intense experience, a journey that disrupts the holiday standard ... is said to Pantelleria that is not an island for everyone, but if you chose to come here we have certainly a thrill to share.